20190528_105950Since August 2019 I have been appointed Senior Financial Spokesperson at the European Stability Mechanism, a supranational agency based in Luxembourg. The ESM is fulfilling a remarkable task in restoring stability to the eurozone and in its short lifetime has proven to be an effective and vital body in Europe and beyond.

As a result of my appointment at the ESM I have decided to suspend further coverage of this blog and will in future contribute occasionally only to my sister blog on social media trends to which you can navigate from this blog. I look forward to helping Europe from within.

Thank you for your past interest and hope you find something interesting and thought-provoking to read in my blog space, which is its sole purpose. In a nutshell: to debate and enlighten the public about European financial issues.

To learn more about the activities of the ESM I warmly invite you to Follow the Twitter handle @ESM_Press