About…George Matlock

A London-based financial journalist for more than 25 years, formerly as Gilts and Equities reporter at Dow Jones Newswires (1995-2000) and Eurozone Government Debt Correspondent at Reuters (2001-2010), as well as business editor of LBC in the 1990s. Discover more.

My comments are my own and not endorsed by my current employer.

While reporting for Reuters the unfolding debt crisis in Europe since 2009 a Europhile like me has continually found challenging the initial response to the crisis. However, the emergence of the EFSF and then ESM has shown that Europe can find solutions. And Britain could demonstrate more patience to appreciate that. In a democracy we all have the right to express our concerns as well as congratulate achievements. How else can we improve?

Since 2012, I have attempted to bring you tangible and serious ideas for tackling the crisis in Europe as well as other crises around the world which feed back into Europe – not just a stream of rants. For rants and tip-offs there is my Twitter feed @georgematlock , which I hope you find amusing.


Crucial Skill-set to comment:

Personal finance Reporter, Money Week 1990-1993

Senior Editor, Global Money Management 1993-1994

Business Editor, LBC Radio 1994

UK Gilts Reporter, Dow Jones Newswires, European Equities Market writer Wall Street Journal 1995-2000

Public Relations Consultant, Fishburn Hedges 2000

Eurozone and US Treasuries Correspondent, Reuters 2001-2010

European Editor, mtn-i (Medium Term Notes, Schuldschein) 2010-2014

Freelance writer and pensions market report contributor, Cerulli Associates 2014

Social Media Content Writer, Immediate Future 2015

Since August 2019 I have been appointed Senior Financial Spokesperson at the European Stability Mechanism, a supranational agency based in Luxembourg. The ESM is fulfilling a remarkable task in restoring stability to the eurozone and in its short lifetime has proven to be an effective and vital body in Europe and beyond.

As a result of my appointment at the ESM I have decided to suspend further coverage of this blog and will in future contribute occasionally only to my sister blog on social media trends to which you can navigate from this blog. I look forward to helping Europe from within.

Thank you for your past interest and hope you find something interesting and thought-provoking to read in my blog space, which is its sole purpose. In a nutshell: to debate and enlighten the public about European financial issues.

Blot on My Blog!
I also very much welcome the time you put into offering up your feedback and any debate to further discussion on the ideas proposed. I thank you for visiting my blog and your studious attention. ~ George Matlock

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